My Story

Ken Gober is a singer-songwriter in the contemporary Christian and Gospel genres. Making music that is soulful, warm, and powerful, he is a rare and genuine artist who wants nothing more than to use music to uplift and inspire his listeners. With a sound that reflects the grit and heart of struggle and a melody filled with inspiration and hope, singer/songwriter Ken Gober is Inspiration & Soul.
Ken Gober was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, which is right outside the Chicago area. As the son of a well-known local gospel artist, he was exposed to some of the freshest local artists in the country, as the Midwest music scene was as a focal point for gospel, soul, and blues artists.
At the age of just 23, Ken’s life took a turn and he found himself addicted to drugs and alcohol, before his hitting rock bottom. The turning point came when he checked himself into a 28-day rehabilitation program which allowed God to stir his spirit. While stuck at his lowest point, Ken Gober rediscovered his love for music that had been with him since childhood. Through writing and performing his own songs, Ken was able to reignite his inner sense of strength, hope, and optimism that had been lost. In the years that followed, Ken Gober focused on slowly rebuilding his life. This led him to Atlanta, Georgia in pursuit of a career in music and later to cities across the globe in Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia as he toured with the international show band Exotique.
Together, these experiences would form the basis of his debut solo album, Soul of a Man: The Journey (2008), which serves as a gritty and emotional recounting of his trials, tribulations, and triumphs. His album gained recognition within the industry for its fresh and visceral sound, ultimately earning nominations for Best Urban Gospel Song of the Year by Just Plain Folks Music Organization and getting him named Best New Male Gospel Artist of 2008 by the Black Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Although life has thrown him a few curves, Ken Gober remains thankful for each of his life experiences and is humbled by the opportunity to inspire and uplift others through the success of his music. This sense of thankfulness is clearly the driving force behind his music and inflicts his voice with passion, strength, and soul. Currently, Ken is recording and producing an upcoming EP, and is also set to release his latest single I Will Heal in March 2021.