Songz That Matter

Music is a universal language. It is melody, it is rhythm & rhyme, and it makes us feel alive. Music also has a way of speaking to us. In this blog, we talk about the message in the music. Join us as we discover the “Songz That Matter.”

Back At One

Have you ever attempted at assembling something and you go through all the steps in the instructions. After going through steps 1 to 5, you seem to always end back at step 1 to see what you may have missed. I believe that’s the key to a lasting relationship.

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I Will Heal

What if I told you that I know a solution to the world’s current issues. And what if I told you it could be solved in four easy steps – would you believe me?

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Even If

It’s a new year and this past year was one to remember. I’ve heard many people say, “I’m so glad 2020 is over!” What if the new year is not that much better?

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Wake Up

In these turbulent times we are now living, I believe we all need a “wake up” call.

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True Love Is…

A lot of so called love songs talk about feelings or physical attributes, but I believe it’s much more deeper than just looks or emotions.

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Life is a Stage

Life is a stage and on this stage each one of us are allowed to sing the greatest song we will ever perform. You and I are a “beautiful song,” God’s greatest composition.

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