Back At One

Have you ever attempted assembling something and you go through all the steps in the instructions. After going through steps 1 to 5, you seem to always end back at step 1 to see what you may have missed. I believe that’s the key to a lasting love.

I recently saw an interview with Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter Brain McKnight and the spark for his number one hit “Back At One” came from this exact premise. But if you really examine the words of the chorus, the key to a lasting relationship is knowing that love is never perfected, you have to continue to work at it from step 1 to 5 and all over again.

I remember putting a computer desk together for my mom, and like a lot of us do, I read the instructions briefly. After a moment of absorbing a few of the steps, I went to putting the desk together my way. By the time I thought I was finished with assembling the desk, my mom came in the room and said; “Ken what are all these screws still left here in the plastic?”

Many of us treat our relationships that way, not paying much attention to the things left by the wayside. I know at times life gets in the way. There are kids to raise, bills to pay and jobs to get to, but while we’re doing the busy work the most important pieces of the puzzle are being left behind.

A long lasting, God designed relationship takes time and effort. A successful love can’t be built over night. It takes hard work, commitment and a humility that allows us to examine our shortcomings and a willingness to improve on them. It’s just like God’s love for us. He is ever so patient and full of grace and mercy. Even when He should write us off, His love never fails because He is love.

Mistakes will be made, disappointments will occur, but remembering the good times; the best times and not being afraid to build on those truths are the ingredients of a “Love that will last!” Brian McKnight couldn’t have said it better:

One – you’re like a dream come true

Two – just want to be with you

Three – girl it’s plain to see that you’re the only one for me

Four – repeat steps one thru three

Five = make you fall in love with me

If ever I believe my work is done

Then I’ll start back at one

Back At One – written by Brian Mcknight

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