I Will Heal

What if I told you that I know a solution to the world’s current issues. And what if I told you it could be solved in four easy steps – would you believe me?

Problems in life at times can seem complex but being an IT professional I know that most issues, if broken down into individual pieces can be solved. It’s the small steps that create the break through.

I recently wrote a song entitled “I Will Heal” which is God’s blueprint or in IT terms an algorithm to solving societies issues. While we are facing political unrest, social unrest, and a health pandemic worldwide, God’s solution is so simple.

Let’s take a closer look at the lyrics of the chorus. Like a computer script or algorithm written to solve a specific issue, God has already given us an iron clad script for solving the tough issues we face here on earth. In 2 Chronicles chapter 7 and verse 14, God tells his people if their world were ever in a crisis they should; 1.) come to His temple together as one body of believers 2.) call on the name of God 3.) seek His presence and repent of their sins as a community and 4.) fall on their knees in worship; He would heal their land.

If my people who are called by My name

Will humble themselves and seek My face

Turn from there wicked ways

I Will Heal the Land

We cannot stop the evil and unrest that is ever present in our world, but God can handle our crisis. However, this will only be possible if God’s people, all of believers in Him regardless of race, color or denomination come together as one body and call on His name for help.

But coming together is only one part of the script, we must also repent of our sins collectively. This means that as a society we must confess and repent those sins committed by omission and commission. That includes turning a blind eye to oppression and wrong doing and not only repenting but turning away from and not doing those things again. And finally, we must be willing to humble ourselves before God admitting that He is the ultimate power and ruler of our lives.

Like a beautifully written program using a traditional “if” statement:

if we humble ourselves and call on God then He will answer

else if don’t humble ourselves and seek His face then He will not

I Will Heal written by Ken Gober. Click to see the official lyric video.

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  1. This is a wonderful message. Thanks for reminding us of God’s Word Ken. May your music and the messages therein continue to Heal The World.

    Best Wishes From Barbara Dawson

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