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I believe love is a concept that we often underestimate, neglect and take for granted. Many of today’s songs talk about love as a feeling or a physical impulse that are at times irresponsible and reckless. On the other hand, there are some that see love as syrupy and mushy like an early 80’s FM song. However, I believe it is much more complex than we tend to think or imagine. In this session let us dissect the true meaning of this word we call LOVE. One of the biggest questions debated in life is “What is true love?”  

A lot of so called love songs talk about feelings or physical attributes, but I believe it’s much more deeper than just looks or emotions. Whether we realize it or not every human being searches for love and acceptance in one way or another. For example, the girl without ever experiencing a father’s love finds her way into the arms of someone who uses her vulnerability and destroys her self-esteem. Or the boy who never felt family security in a loveless home finds that same security in the streets embraced by gang members preying upon those who are searching for family love and a sense of belonging.  I believe our DNA is constructed in a way that creates a need to be loved and to love. God is love and if we believe that He created us in His own image then we must believe that we are subject to that same love. Therefore, the question is posed once again, “What is true love?”  

The song we will explore is written by BeBe Winans entitled “I Found Love.” BeBe Winans is an extraordinary songwriter who is famous for penning lyrics with double meanings encoded in the body of his songs. On one hand the lyrics tend to point to a special love, one that is compassionate, intimate, and as he states, “a dream come true.” On the other hand, it is a meaning of love that is eternal in nature, permanent and precious. In some verses, one can imagine a special person like a husband or a wife, however, at other times some verses point to a love only conveyed by something bigger than us, yes the love of God. Let’s examine verse (1):

When I found you, I found somebody who cares

When I found you, found my most intimate prayer

When I found you, I found what every heart dreams of

When I found you, I found Love

In this portrayal of love, we find that love is compassionate, intimate, and fulfilling. Line (2) portrays love as an “intimate prayer.” The interesting concept behind this lyric is that an intimate prayer is something so precious and private yet when it is revealed the whole world will see its beauty, its specialness, and its significance. True love changes your perspective and it allows you to live life unafraid and unrestrained.

Finally, love is satisfying, content, empowering and forever. True love never changes, but it continues to grow. Some explain love as chemistry, however, chemicals soon dissolve and evaporate. Others see love as a strong feeling, but feelings often change. True love never changes, it’s “worth waiting for.”

“But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

1Corinthians 13:13

I Found Love by BeBe Winans – Click to Listen

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